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Up Your Alley Band is a local Utah band with musicians from 80’s Salt Lake bands Equinox and First Strike as well as 90’s Utah county band Exit 282.

They all grew up in the 80’s and a lot of their music reflects that with some major musical influences being Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Kiss, Whitesnake, Queensryche and Ozzy Osbourne among many others. Their philosophy is make music that you like and hopefully other people will like it too.

Up Your Alley was formed in 1991 and only played 2 shows together before disbanding. In 2001, the singer moved to Florida for 13 years. Luckily, the other band members kept in contact and kept playing and writing new music together until the singer returned to Utah in 2014.

From the first rehearsal, it was immediately apparent that the magic was still there. Up Your Alley’s first album is titled Unfinished Business and the title track reflects how the singer felt in those years away from his fellow band mates and how important it was for him to eventually get back home and make music with them again hence the feeling of “Unfinished Business”.

Band Members

Jeff Jackson  – Jeff began playing guitar at the age of 10 and singing at 13. In 1981, He formed a local band called Equinox.
They disbanded after 7 years. In 1988 he joined a local band called First Strike and finally in 1991, he helped form Up Your Alley which is comprised of members from Equinox & First Strike.
Jeff Blaylock  – Jeff was in an early version of 80’s Salt Lake band Equinox as well as First Strike with Jeff Jackson.
Rick Bergsma – Rick was in the original version of 80’s Salt Lake band Equinox with Jeff Jackson.
He also recorded and co-produced Up Your Alley’s first album, Unfinished Business.
 Russ Fitzgerald – Russ was an original member of 80’s Salt Lake band First Strike along with Jeff Jackson as well as 90’s Utah County band Exit 282.
Damon Blaylock – Damon is the current drummer for Up Your Alley as well as local band Playing Ghosts.


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