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Delphi Freeman is an unsigned young singer/songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area, who is noted for smithing lyrics that are deep, philosophical, and at times curiously whimsical…

Tipping the musical scales toward the genre category of Contemporary Pop —with a dash of Folk, don’t be surprised to be greeted a with a thrilling scat such as “shoobiddy-doobiddy- doo- whop…”, like the opener in her lively and dramatic “eavesdropping” original song, “Through the Door”. While displaying a shining innocence and noble grace, this 15 year old musical prodigy has unforgettable cutting guitar riffs, tight and remarkable strumming skills— all intertwined with creative and clean fingerpicking arrangements that intrigue and marvel audiences with great delight and potentially addicting amusement.

Predictable, she is not—Delphi relishes in taking a simple concept or storyline and sculpting great adventure into a sagacious lyrical infrastructure, and furthermore —infuses catchy melodic vocal stylings that will leave you begging for an encore.

Delphi was born into a family of musicians where both her father and mother play guitar and are singer/songwriters. With instruments outnumbering furniture in their family living room, she is surrounded by prolific and gifted musicians that are always up for working on music until late hours of the night.

“In short, I think Delphi Freeman is a very promising talent who has the potential to become a MASSIVE pop star in the artistically underserved “Teen Pop” market and hopefully beyond. With the right people and resources behind her, this is something that should happen.” —Stephen Phillips (Nashville native and music-scene blogger of Ready Fret GO!)

Her eldest sister, Selah Ford, has had a huge influence in her life. Within a few months of streaming Youtube videos of original and popular cover songs Selah, a 16 year old rising star, gained thousands of fans and praise on her now retired Selah J. Rauw Youtube Channel (Selah’s new Youtube is Selah Ford Official and you can also hear her music on SoundCloud under Selah Ford). *By the age of 18 she was discovered by Grammy Award winning producers and engineers in Hollywood, CA, catapulting Selah into a promising music career — a career which may provide an opportunity for unlocking Delphi’s bright future!

Delphi is the youngest of four children and has two older brothers that are equally talented, multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriters— currently studying audio engineering at SAE Institute and holding down internships at a major music radio station, Alice97.3 FM in San Francisco, California. She and her siblings have had the privilege of studying music since very young and started with Suzuki Method of
Piano, later integrating classical-traditional training on piano, violin, and voice.

From the beginning, Delphi’s music training has been consistent. At the age of three, she started taking violin lessons. At age five she formally began classical piano lessons while continuing to study violin. At age 11 Delphi became a member of the Napa Valley Youth Symphony prep orchestra, Sinfonia, and performed with them throughout her middle school years.

Over the past three years Delphi has had the privilege of studying voice and piano with the accomplished and brilliant Pamela Connelly — an internationally celebrated operatic coloratura vocalist, music teacher, performance coach, and three-time regional award winner of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Awards.

Pamela has not only helped Delphi “find” her voice instrument, but fine-tune it using a masterful vocal technique. With that, Pamela has been successful in unlocking a treasure box of colorful nuances, jewel-like tones and trills that help create blindingly bright vocal hooks in Delphi’s vocal stylings. As many already recognize—Delphi is not only talented and determined, but will quickly point to discipline, hard-work, and divine providence as the foundation of her great success.

Growing up in a strong and supportive community of musicians has allowed Delphi to explore endless possibilities in crafting music and grow into the beautiful musician she is today. Along with her collection of 30 amazing original songs, Delphi Freeman recently composed an epic piano score that will soon be recorded and pitched to professional video game and film producers. Delphi is a member of West Coast Songwriters WCS and performs at local SF Bay Area open-mic venues, coffee houses, live stage events, and enjoys street performing in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other notable-locations throughout the West Coast.

“Playing guitar and sharing my music gifts publicly with the locals, tourists, and occasional homeless people keep me grounded and my creativity healthful, relatable, and real.”- Delphi Freeman

Please visit DelphiFreeman.com website for news, updates, *S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get) and promotional information.

Don’t forget to “follow”, “like”, and “subscribe” to Delphi’s social media sites; @YouNow, YouTube, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., using her handle “Delphi Freeman” (The Band Delphi Freeman).

For booking or any other information: WCV101 Entertainment — westcoastvibe101@gmail.com—San Francisco, CA or Delphifreeman101@gmail.com

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