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Hip-Hop solo independent artist Vizualye, emerged on the music scene in 2014. Creating an array of high energy to smooth mellow musical tracks, the fairly new artist reigns from Northern Virginia.

Putting out his first official album titled Legends and Music, made its way into the public ears of thousands.

Following his album Legends & Music, Vizualye also released his mix tape in the same year titled No Introduction released on DatPiff.

Receiving recognition as an emerging artist, Vizualye has continued to make his presence felt in the indie musician arena.

Signing with independent label Tate Music Group (currently transitioning under new management), Vizualye has managed to collaborate with several other independent artist and deliver some of his best work.

Tracks such as “People’s Choice” and “No Way” helped set the tone for the release of his album Legends and Music.

Following his debuted album, there has been follow up single releases to his upcoming new album The Awakening, such as,”Women’s Worth” and “Unbelievable”, which is his latest release.

Its been almost two years since we’ve heard a new album, but Vizualye’s presence has been far from absent.

From hearing the first two singles released from his upcoming album, it can only give more hope that The Awakening will be well worth the wait.

Music has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It began early with poetry and art. Creative artistic expression is something that constantly drove my interest and grew as I developed my own skills. Later on in life I found a home for my creativity, and it was music.

I started writing my own lyrics when I was 14 years old but it wasn’t until 2012 that I have officially released music to the public.

I have recorded my own songs and worked with a number of other independent artist.

In 2013 I signed with an independent label, Tate Music Group and released my first official album titled Legends and Music released in 2014. I also released my own individual mix tape hosted on DatPiff.



With a wide range of my music available online in such places as Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Reverbnation and more my sights are set on working on my new album The Awakening.

I really feel I have grown tremendously since the last few records which will be evident in my upcoming album.

My top priority in music is to deliver a great album and share my experience with my audience that they feel a part of. My music is an expression of art and culture of who I am as an artist.

Social Media
Facebook — http://www.facebook.com/vizualye
Twitter — http://www.twitter.com/iamvizualye
Reverbnation — http://www.reverbnation.com/vizualye

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