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The Saw Are a four-piece rock band based on the South Coast of England, The Saw have released an EP “Short Fuse” which is the follow up to their debut album “Burning Bridges”, both showcase their original songs and demonstrates their West Coast ambient and English 70’s Rock influences.
Burning Bridges & Short Fuse were both recorded at Delmontie Studios in Bournemouth over a 2 year period and have been lovingly crafted by the band and expertly produced by Jack Bass.
The Saw are currently working on a follow up album which is due for release this year. All the songs are written and the recording of them is a work in process. The new album will be a collection of songs which are connected lyrically. Don’t want to give too much away at the moment but we are all very excited by the project.
On the live front we are setting up some low key gigs to try some of the new songs in front of an audience before deciding which songs will eventually make the album.
Songs by The Saw are constantly played on many radio stations throughout the world, with the USA in particular being a great outlet for our music. We really appreciate all the stations and DJ’s that give bands like us a voice

“Short Fuse” by The Saw is available from all major outlets including  



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