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The Merry Shout “He Has Come”

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The Merry Shout, a collective of handpicked online musicians and vocalists, is the brainchild of songwriter Tre Carn.

“When it comes to music and songwriting I often imagine myself wandering the hallways of the Brill Building or hanging out in the control room of Muscle Shoals studios with other creators trying to find that illusive piece of audio history”.

“At the height of popular music in the 60’s-70’s, many times a struggling songwriter’s path to success was facilitated by having access to the greatest musicians and singers of the times”.

“You have a better chance of winning when you have talented people interpret your ideas as opposed to sitting down in front of a computer cutting and pasting” – Tre Carn

As far as songwriting, ideas can come from anywhere, personal experiences, current events, people watching, listening to music, reading the bible, etc;. Inspiration is all around us.

Our music encompasses many genres of music, Soul, Christian, Gospel, Southern Rock, Pop and Country.

Lyrically we try to take a cinematic approach to writing and sometimes break the rules by writing simultaneously in the first and third person.

If Stevie Nicks says there’s no rules then there’s no rules.

A new Christian song of praise, “He Has Come” is a narrative surrounding the night Jesus was born and when the Angels arrived to share the good news.

After calling for a celebration the Angels hand the festivities off to the Prophets, who in an imaginative scenario, begin singing “Hail Jesus he has come to lead us”. With it’s easily memorable chorus, He Has Come may quickly become a favorite of parishioners / country music listeners around the globe.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheMerryShout
Twitter https://twitter.com/MosaicRain
Website https://mosaicrain.com
Purchase On Itunes: http://apple.co/2AbYwgB
Stream / Share On Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2AKBD4q
Contact mosaicrainrecordings@gmail.com

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