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Although I have only known Randy Lockhart for a short time, I can already tell you that he is a great writer. I have written 3 books so I know great writing when I see it. Not only is he a great writer but he studies the topic of his writing thoroughly first and the result is that is writing is rich in supporting facts and also written in a way that what he writes is interesting and enjoyable to read.

I am a business advisor for an Indie artist and he has written an excellent article about her. So excellent that I include it in Tweets as a link to what I’m sending out about her. And I already know that he is rich in music history knowledge so that his writing is with the authority of a music expert. It is a privilege to know Randy and have been working with him. He is always very helpful and supportive. Sincerely, John.

Testimonial written by – John R. West International Management Consultant and Vice President of World Trade Center Orlando.  https://twitter.com/johnreichardwes

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