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Randy Lockhart is one of Indie Artists biggest supporters. His passion for the arts is very evident in everything that he does. Mr. Lockhart spends a lot of his time working on ways to promote and help many Indie Artists.
His magazines are extremely informative and feature different performers every month. This not only helps the artists get more exposure to a larger audience , but most importantly helps music fans of all types learn about so many incredible and talented performers.
 I for one, joined the increasing number of artists who are very grateful for what Randy does. Over the years , He  has become a respected voice for the Independent artists and their journey to bring their music to the public.
Randy’s part in our lives goes way farther than just writing an article about us. He gets to know everyone that he works with and finds ways to help further our careers . He is a man of action not just talk.
So from this performer and I know I speak for many others , Thank you so much Randy for everything you do.
Testimonial written by – Jennifer Mlott  http://www.jennifermlott.com/
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