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Born and raised in a small community of kentucky, known as Duck Run, Shellee lynne’s family had a passion for country and Bluegrass music. “I remember looking forward to the weekends. It was a time for family and friends to gather to share our passion.” says Shellee

It was like having their own Music Festival right in the backyard. One day her uncle put a mic in her hand and told her to sing . Being nervous as any young girl would be, “I just said I can’t sing.” My uncle replied “Girl it is in your blood, you can sing.”  “My uncle inspired me and sparked my dream.” says Shellee.

Loretta Lynn was also a big inspiration and had a lot of influence in her music, she was always inspired by Loretta, she was always her favorite, and tends to have an influence in her music. Shellee loves Country and Bluegrass music and she loves to sing.

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