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Robert Davis, is the sole member of the alt/rock-alt/country band Skeleton Creek.
He lives in Yukon Oklahoma. A recording artist (not a band) he does not perform anywhere, he’s a song writer. His first (12) song album (The Deal) was released in Nov. 2015. His song (Dairy Queen) was a finalist at http://www.americansongwritingawards.com/ His second (12) song album (Small Town USA) was released in Nov. 2016. Robert also released a single (Sing A Song For Me) in Aug. 2017 and his third (12) song album (Masquerade) was released Oct. 15 2017.

Better late than never said Rob Davis, the sole member of Skeleton Creek. A recording artist/musician from Yukon Oklahoma, I think I’ve always been a songwriter, I have been writing songs since I was 15 years old, a year before that I picked up a guitar and never sat it down. Right now I have 36 songs ready to be recorded and that doesn’t count my debut album “The Deal” (A twelve song album released in Nov. 2015)


“The Deal’ is a interesting album, it was meant to be a demo, Rob said, I’m not trying to be a performer I just wanted to record my songs and let someone else perform them. However that’s not what happened. I couldn’t get anyone who was anyone to let me send them my music, so Skeleton Creek was born, I didn’t think anyone would remember Rob Davis but no one would forget Skeleton Creek.

I knew I had the talent and the song writing skills but I wasn’t sure about my vocals, I quit smoking in 2012 and was amazed how much better I could sing! I thought it was time to get these songs done.

The title track to this debut album is a blend of folk and country with a great finger picking style, the more I listen to it the more I like it.

It seems to have layers and is one of the best songs on the album. “Haunting Melody” is more alternative rock, with its distorted guitar riffs and excellent lyrics the song drives all the way through.

“Why Can’t You See” a song about getting out of a bad relationship and is probably Rob’s best vocals on the album. “Dairy Queen” What a great song! Two young people falling in love and running away from their small town to live their dreams, no wonder it was a finalist in the AMERICAN SONGWRITERS AWARDS contest, definitely one of Robs best.

“The Deal’ is a solid hit, there is  not a lot I don’t like about this album. I’m recording the sequel right now said Rob, “Small Town USA” I think it might be better than “The Deal” but only time will tell, I know the production will be, I learned a lot recording my debut album, when you are playing all the instruments and recording all the vocal tracks and you are in the studio for three months you pick up quite a bit. Skeleton Creek is unique, diverse and definitely interesting!  To hear more of Skeleton Creek.

“Skeleton Creek has taken his art of song writing to a new level by recording his unique music stylings into a series of albums that contain songs that appeal to all ages” From DJ Gummy Bear, Party Central Radio

Robert’s website is
Twitter @SkeletonCreek1

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