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Well here is a new twist for you Pop/Jazz fans, Poppy has certainly opened my eyes to a new variation of singing.

Mixing Pop and Jazz? hmmm, I grew up listening to such great artists as Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles plus many more, and now I have become a new fan of Poppy Holiday.

I love this new twist in music and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.  Thank you to Jennifer Mlott for introducing me to Poppy.

Poppy Holiday a female vocalist with a distinctive voice is in the recording studio in Rochdale Lancashire recording a song for Adobe which she has done twice now.

This will be synched into a music video that will be shown at a Film Festival in L.A.

Based in Northwest of England Poppy is recording more songs for her album working with a band over in Canada.

Mike Harding played the banjo on her song “Happy” recorded at Studio – Studio in Rochdale.

This song was also used as the title song in a feature film (in post production) and also in a promo short film starring Ted Robbins.

Poppy’s EP has a Jazz Pop feel, most of the musicians were from RNCM including Sam Healey (European Young Jazz Winner 2011)

Another song from the album “Singing InThe Bath” has an animated music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0bT7HL63Qc

Poppy is currently working on her next music video for a new song “Once Upon A Slice Of Time”

In addition to that Poppy has collaborated with Dirty Freud on a Drum and Bass track Iron Horse Dirty Freud  is currently a signed artist to Bad Habit Muzik and Sony’s partner BMG.

This is the link to the song Iron Horse by Dirty Freud featuring Poppy Holiday –https://soundcloud.com/poppy-holiday-1/iron-horsedirty-freud-poppy-holiday




 Below is a link to one of her original songs from my EP “Happy” used in a promo – with Ted Robbins & John Mcardle

May 2016 and September 2017  Poppy recorded a song for a video – client Adobe

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