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Philip, better known online as DJ Gummy Bear as has been using that name as a volunteer DJ & DJ Assistant/Graphic Designer for Party Central Radio for the last 5 years. Guess you could say he has always had a love for music and at one time had over 1000 cassettes and about 700 CDs.

About two years ago he started on twitter and this is where his exposure to the Indie Music Artists grew. “The first artist I checked out was Savannah Lynne doing a cover of Brandy Clark’s “Girl Next Door” and was blown away by her talent.” says Philip

Since that time he has made some great friends of artists such as Skeleton Creek, Vanessa Delaine, Alyssa Trahan, and numerous others such as my interviewer Jennifer Mlott. As a DJ he was looking at their music and wondering why more people are like who is that. So he started adding their music into his shows and getting our other DJs interested in them as well.

“This way is one way  I feel  I am able to give back to these artists and show support for the hard work they have put into their music. There are some artists I have gone beyond just playing their music and have helped them with tagging of their music to what the standards that are need to play on our stream (as well as other internet stations) and have in some cases used their artwork and added to their music files, or for that matter created artwork for their music or albums.” says Philip

“The little things I have done for them I think helps them out a bit and well it does give me enjoyment to know I am able to do more than just play their music. When asked if I feel that some of these artists are taking advantage of the extra stuff I have been offering my flat out answer has always been “No, if I did not want to do for them I would not do what I do.” This extra time that I spend working with the artist and the chatting via twitter or skype with them helps me to do what I can to get their music (provided it fits station format and rules) on air and encourage our other DJs to also play them. Also when around my computer if and catch an Artist that am following playing on station I try to tweet out the Artist/Song and artwork so others see they are playing on the station as well as tweet when I can while on air.” says Philip

As  mentioned before Philip is a volunteer DJ for Party Central Radio www.partycentralradio.net . They are a fully non-profit station that is run entirely by volunteers that uses the donations that it receives to help cover the operation of the stream and the chat room services. None of the staff receive pay for the jobs they do and all our DJs are responsible for their own music and this gives our station a wide variety of music styles and their DJs are always happy to play the requests of their listeners.

“As an internet station we are spread around the world but 3 years ago was fortunate to meet several in Niagara Falls including the station owners Kia & Lola was a great chance to meet up and get to know them better” says Philip

Station website www.partycentralradio.net
Station Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PrtyCentrlRadio/
Station Twitter @PrtyCentrlRadio
Personal Twitter @Dj_Gumster

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