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“I refuse to pick…” It’s a mantra Mike Bauer has lived by and you’ll hear him often repeat. A Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County by day and a Singer/Songwriter by night, he has found a way to balance two incredibly demanding careers without sacrificing one for the other. Ask him which he would prefer and he will throw his mantra back as his answer with a coy grin.

Noted for his distinctive voice and versatile writing, in 2014 he received the Hollywood Music and Media Award (HMMA) for Best Male Vocal Performance for his song “One Piece at a Time” and the Akademia Music Awards named “Sugar” the Best R&B Song in 2015. Music Connection Magazine also named him and his band one of their “Hot 100 Live Performers”.



Financial Aid, Vol. 1

In early 2014, he also began working on “Financial Aid, Vol. 3,” the final LP in the three-part series, however, after the death of his mother in February of 2014 he took a step back from music while he coped with the loss.

Citing it as the most difficult period of his life, he rarely performed live and focused more on his work with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.


Financial Aid, Vol. 2

However, in 2017 he returned to music as he has already released two singles with accompanying music videos (“Mother of Exiles” and “Sweet Sunday”). Both songs were co-written with Grammy-Nominated Producer, Adam Berg and it is clear the pair have expanded the sound from Bauer’s earlier work.

Additionally, it is rumored he has been co-writing with the legendary Richard “Dick” Rudolph, whose credits include Minnie Riperton, EW&F, and Stevie Wonder to name a few. No release date has yet been set for the final “Financial Aid” LP, however, it appears it will be an extensive release of approximately 13-15 new songs.





“As the band seamlessly transitions genres during their set, it is clear that, individually, each band member is very talented in their own right. When playing together, the band’s synergistic harmonies take on a life of their own, and Mike Bauer is the conductor who brings it all together. From classy funk that makes even the most aloof Angelino want to dance, to soulful R&B that Phil Spector could not have done a better job producing…. This is feel-good music done right; the antithesis to mindless radio pop where the only lyrics include a repetitious chorus. Even their moody songs are up-beat, leaving listeners with a lingering satisfaction.”
-Ryan Stabile, LA Nightlife Events Examiner

“His timing is spot on and his vocal range is dangerous… I would recommend this CD to anyone looking for a taste of fresh contemporary pop with a touch of the old Michael Jackson swagger. Financial Aid, Vol 2 is a top 10 performance with all the makings of a real world talent.” -Charles Harrelson, EVo:R Entertainment

“His songs fit in with many of the talented artists you are hearing on the radio every day, and to think that he is going with this independently without the influences and contributions many of these other artists are receiving, it’s all the more impressive.”
-Kevin Kozel, MuzikReviews.com

“The songs on his stellar new melodic-pop album are opulent and enduring… From love, heartache, repentance, admiration of beauty, and complacency, to time spent with friends, Mike Bauer’s stylistic songs and varied themes have a way of touching each and every individual listener in a different way.” -Ken Cavalier, Music Industry News Network

“Looking to ‘create an old school Motown vibe with a modern twist’ for the third installment of his ‘Financial Aid’ series, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mike Bauer sets a rueful mood with the organ accents and blues-tinged guitar licks of his single, ‘Sugar,’ the smooth soul tone and falsetto hues of his voice offering a self-aware admission that he is unable to handle the vulnerability and commitment required to love.” -Mark J., Next2Shine

As for what is coming down the line… Here is a list of projects that should be steadily released over the next couple months:

  1. Single Release for “Pretty Baby” along with music video;
  2. Single Release for “Stranger” along with music video;
  3. Single Release for “Sky So Blue” along with music video;
  4. Release of LP “Financial Aid, Vol. 3”.


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