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“Matt Fawcett has been writing songs since he was a kid. After his parents gave him a guitar for his 11th birthday he was leading music in church for the youth group 3 weeks later and hasn’t stopped since. 

He recorded 2 albums in college while playing in coffee shops and on campus as a solo act.

Brandon Howey joined up with Matt after they started playing together at their church in Fort Wayne IN. The duo has since released 2 more albums, “Traded It All” and “In The Gray.”

Together their mission is to comfort the afflicted and confront the comfortable.

Both are no strangers to difficult times as they have walked together as friends through Matt’s daughter Ivy having open heart surgery when she was 16 days old, Brandon losing his first born daughter, Emerie, 3 days after she was born, and another child by a miscarriage 7 months later.



Yaro Photography

Their desire is to help hurting people see that there is a bigger story. There is hope in our current situations as well as beyond them. 

Stylistically Matt Fawcett is a mixture of Contemporary Christian with a splash of Country, Folk and Rock mixed in.

 “My favorite artist that I look up to is Steven Curtis Chapman. He is a fantastic writer and someone I model my career after.” says Matt

He would love to give you some of his music for free. Just visit Matt at Fawcettmusic.com, put in your email so he knows where to send it and it’s yours to listen to and enjoy.” 


A special thank you to  Jennifer Mlott for introducing Matt to be featured in the magazine@JenniferMlott

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