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Madelyn Victoria was born on September 2nd, 1990 in Harlingen, TX (raised in San Benito, TX), and has literally been influenced by Country music since then. “My obstetrician, Doctor Hughston, had Country music playing throughout the operating room while he delivered me! I think that’s the coolest thing, and one of the many reasons why I love Country music so much.”

Her penchant for singing and performing was evident at an early age, with only a brush as a microphone, and coffee table as a stage, Madelyn would perform for her family singing along to George Strait, Alan Jackson, Selena, and more. She then had her first public performance at a San Benito High School Christmas Play when she was only five years old.

“I remember feeling nervous but loving it at the same time… the nerves slowly went away with every performance after that… this is what I was born to do.” Eager to continue singing and performing, she entered local talent competitions and pageants in South Texas, earning top awards and gaining recognition throughout her youth.

Madelyn is a top 50 CMT.com artist. Her latest single release with Star 1 Records and MTS, “He Only Loves Me On the Dance Floor” reached #1 on the national country AM/FM chart New Music Weekly for two weeks in a row. The song received an April 2016 Akademia Award for Best Country Song, and the video reached the Yallwire.com Top 5 Most Watched Videos chart. She is also a 6 time 2016 Josie Music Awards Nominee.

Madelyn Victoria plays the guitar, writes the lyrics & melody to all her songs, and collaborates with her brother and other musicians to write the accompanying music. Madelyn not only has a passion for singing and songwriting, but for helping others and donating her time to the community.

She volunteers at local Motor Training events for special needs children, sings to the children at hospitals and rehab centers and started her own annual event called “Octave Higher Christmas”. Her hopes are that one day, it will become a large non-profit organization and that it can reach out to children throughout the US and all over the world.
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Madelyn Victoria’s music can be purchased on iTunes, streamed on Spotify, and can be heard on YouTube.

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