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His real name is Alok Ojha but his brand name is Loki Ojha and he is from India
“It could be a story for you but for me its a journey from Alok Ojha to Loki Ojha” says Loki.

He started from way back from a place where he used to work, a company called Samsung India as a CG graphic artist. When his projects ended they offered him some other jobs which were not quite in his domain. “Sometimes your life shatters in a way that you either get blind or get your eyes opened.” says Loki, so he decided to do something about it and he refurbished his skill set. He started working over music videos which contained dance, special effects and stories.

“I had no idea what to do… or how to do it” says Loki, so for the next year he spent day and night with a 2 gb ram PC searching on youtube for the very knowledge which he required. He then used his Pc for CG work, recording, music sound and he used his cell phone for the camera shoot. Example – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDCJ5Xvb6GY

Among the limiting software and hardware and many set backs, criticism and trial and error the kind of video he made was so horrible it was garbage and waste of his time but he finally figured out the procedure and only has to refine it. He started all over again and when he finished his second attempt its was far better than the first one. The name of the video was Devil Share or sharefordeath. devil share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_NQh7UMKac

“That’s how Loki Ojha was born and I become the producer of my first music video.” says Loki


“The next burning question was, what am I suppose to do with it after many internet searches and advice from someone who told me to send my video to festivals, so for the next few months I started searching festivals and sending my video to them.” says Loki

Loki also says he was getting rejected by many festivals because he was unable to pay the entry fees and not able to send the DVD, but he kept requesting them to waive their fees so he could get the video on the internet to no avail.

He even went to the media for help but they refused to cover him stating his video is a self-proclaimed promotional video and demanded money. No help or support but criticizing was very high from everywhere. “That was my struggle” says Loki

Then One day he received information that his video was selected for a Spanish festival. “I was very excited and happy, but again criticism come with it as it’s nothing but just a stroke of luck,” says Loki, but after that his video started creating waves by getting selected in 15 festivals all around the world like Spain, USA, Italy, Germany, Australia, Brazil, It become a part of BBC and reached the Cannes festival and got the media attention worldwide.

“My video got covered in a UK magazine and radio and my video started becoming a part of the events in USA. Also verified by google” says Loki who also says it’s the kind of the music or style or impact it had. People started comparing his video with the Great Michael Jackson and they started seeing him as multi dimensional artist.

Dancing Soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP5dUWYNhHo

Harare International School (Zimbabwe) found my story motivational and inspirational so that they put on schools web site .


One of the pioneer collages in education, Birla Institute of Technology invited him for a motivational speech
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foDLyN2vk0I and also become of IIACFF – India International Animation & Cartoon Film Festival October 5, 2015. IIACFF held in New Delhi on 1st Oct. 2015. Javeed Jaffrey and Mary Komwas brand ambassador of the festival. Loki was among the jury.

“I had become the Marketing person and promoter while I continued my journey to search my true potential and pushing myself into many more dimensions and looking for the right kind of people who can see past their blindness that what would be, or can be, if I get support and help.” says Loki

“I know if by myself, I have learned this much, I know how far I can go if I have the right people supporting me.” says Loki



Currently Loki is working on more videos, such as Dangerous-Sensation https://youtu.be/ri8Bi6aO9VE and https://youtu.be/y0rWmkg1S7o and made one movie Trailer and currently looking (for Team & funding ) its going to be horror movie full of special effects ….

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Performing & CG Artist, Creative Director, Motivational Speaker
Mobile -9650907674


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