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Canadian born and American made artist Kristen Kivo had a passion for music for as long as memory can serve. Growing up in the 90’s and into the 2000’s, the only music that was played in her home by her mother was classic rock and pop of the 70’s an 80’s. KiVo’s more modern influence of music had to come from her friends or seeking out new material herself. During her musical endeavors, many genres played a role in her influence. After much consideration Kivo eventually turned to pop and pop rock as a genre she felt most connected to.

From a child KiVo wanted to be a singer and recording artist and kept with that dream until almost graduating high school. However, over time she decided to choose what was believed to be by most others the “safer rout” and pursue a college degree in psychology. Finally going into her masters, a course taught her about beliefs dictation actions. This caused her to self-reflect and consider why she gave up on what she loved the most…. music.

Within weeks of self-reflection, she dropped her classes and concentrated solely in pursuing a career in the music industry. She began with writing and doing covers shared on different types of Social Media forums. Eventually Bob Leaone found her and introduced her to Bob Cutarella (a multiple Grammy winning producer) Together Bob and KiVo wrote three singles “Somewhere in an 80’s dream”, “Love makes this sound” and “Tell me”. After the experiences in the studio, there has been no doubt in KiVo’s mind that this is the direction that she is taking.

KiVo does not regret pursuing a degree in psychology, she has always wanted to help others and find ways to relate and connect to people all over. She just changed the direction in how she is choosing to help. Interestingly; she credits her degree to helping here get back on track with her music and wants to slowly chip away, when there is time to finish her masters. She is known to say that “Music has saved my life more than once and has been my constant therapist to rely on” KiVo hopes that she will be able to give and do for others through her music what music has done for her.

She is expected to release an album in 2018


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