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I  am elated that John “HOSS” Halsell decided to come back to the music scene. His music is a real treat to listen to and I am more than thrilled to share him with the world through my social networks. His music is written and vocalized in such a manner that it captivates the western genre audience.  – (Editor) Randy Lockhart

Hoss has one of the purest voices I have ever heard! His energy and vocals are infectious! He is totally a diamond in the rough. I know I’m definitely a new fan!  – (Marketing Manager) Jennifer Mlott

Raised on old school country mixed with a passion for hard-edged rock, singer/songwriter John “HOSS” Halsell leads the San Antonio, Texas based outfit HOSS.

After several years of fronting a number of South Texas rock bands, 2000 saw Halsell opt for a most unexpected career change as he walked away from music completely and enlisted in the United States Army.

After completing his military commitment, including 2 combat tours, the desire to create music again slowly came back.

Never forgetting his mother’s request that he write and sing country music, Halsell began writing songs that not only fulfilled her wishes, but were inspired by everything from country classics like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash to rock acts like Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard…and all things in between.

“Creating music again has been a rejuvenating experience, on many levels. But the most exciting part has been writing songs in a genre that’s new to me as a songwriter, but was such a huge part of my upbringing. It felt very natural.” says John

“The HOSS fan/listener base seems to be a very diverse group. I think my style of writing country songs infuses a lot of my “hard rock” background into the traditional country style I grew up on, creating a sound which seems to draw listeners from both ends of the spectrum. I’ve even had people on social media tell me that is the first country album they’ve ever purchased! The album has been very well received…beyond anything I ever imagined” says John

The result is the 2017 release of the debut LP from HOSS titled #LIVIN @HossMusicSATX









This article was written by Randy Lockhart and researched by Jennifer Mlott with contributing info from John Halsell. All content is used with prior written permission from the artist “HOSS”

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