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Jerry Hull is a singer, pianist, songwriter, and arranger, from Memphis Tennessee-based in Kingston upon Hull UK. His music is entirely original, includes imaginative and factual storytelling and is piano driven accompanied by soaring vocals along with various instrumentation. “It harks back to the popular sound and style from the 60’s and 70’s with a modern twist of imagination.” says Jerry. “My music encompasses genres such as: pop, rock, blues, boogie woogie, The Memphis Sound, Americana, gospel, country, medieval, jazz, ragtime, orchestral,and romantic love ballads–but my mainstay tends to be pop/rock/blues and ballads.” replies Jerry

Since April 2015 till now, Jerry has 30 released singles (including some album tracks) and 11 videos along with 5 albums in 28 months: his debut, 14 track “Heaven Help Me” in July 2015 and his second album, 14 track “Shadows Of The Sun” in December 2015. A third album of 28 tracks released Aug 1st-2016 called “Cherokee Moon”. A fourth album, MADE IN MEMPHIS, another 14 track album, was released Dec 18th 2016. Jerry’s newest, CELEBRATE IN THE SUNSHINE, a 15 track album released Aug. 26th 2017. A sixth album is due for around early 2018 on which a new collaborative single was just released called THE MAN IN THE OTHER ROOM https://www.reverbnation.com/jerryhull/song/28535233-man-in-other-room2017-by-jerry will be on. The collaboration was a theme song and lyrics written and performed by himself in an atmospheric film noir style set in the 50’s for a drama novel under the same name written by authors Sasha George and Daniel Caine.

All 30 singles Jerry has released, some radio interviews, shows and presentations can all be streamed easily and free here http://www.reverbnation.com/jerryhull


Buffalo Man is one of his more personal favorites as he really loves being a storyteller especially Americana and of course its Elton John influenced via Tumbleweed Connection quite possibly. Although Buffalo Man is now just an album track, it may be released as a single later. There have been two singles released from the new album so far, one is a boogie woogie rock and roller called, NO ONE LITTLE GIRL which continues to do quite well at radio stations all over the world. Just this last week it reached number 3 on the It Matters Radio and Indie Alliance charts and the second just recently a Halloween operatic eccentric rocker called THE WITCHING HOUR.

“Music reviewers and fans have often said, my style is similar to Elton John, Billy Joel, Burt Bacharach and Todd Rundgren both musically and vocally, but with my own original style emerging within these. My style is also impacted from being brought up in the mid-south of the United States and certainly from being born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.” says Jerry

He says, ” I love mostly rock, blues, pop, jazz, and orchestral either  separately, mixed or matched or infused at most any level.” All of his  own personal originals have one or more of these elements usually  bolstered with a hint of light or heavy contemporary, black or old  fashioned Christian and gospel/blues.  In his early years, Jerry grew up singing and playing piano in black  and white raced churches and choirs in and around the south and Memphis.  Often he would do sing solos at the piano at churches sometimes  accompanied by his father, an accomplished guitarist, and his four  sisters, a melodic quartet.

After 24 years (1975-1999) of living in and gigging from Memphis’ Beale Street and night clubs and music spots around the area to playing piano in bands at parties and weddings in the Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Ventura areas of Los Angeles, all through the Midwest USA and in Toronto, Jerry settled in East Yorkshire,  England UK for the last 15 years since 2002. Certainly, life’s  experiences mixed with his idyllic English countryside present  surroundings continue to serve as strong inspiration. Now having time to  reflect life,  his fresh newfound creativity seems endless and can  certainly be found in his style of writing recently. Jerry has never  been more prolific in his entire life as within the last mere 3 years  having produced in excess of 300 songs and he says, “They keep coming”!  Jerry Hull has been actively involved in music for almost half a  century.

Jerry enjoys incorporating into his music Bacharach tones surrounded by a Memphis blues foundation and colors of classical orchestral laced with hints of New Orleans ragtime. He says,”I  love to design my own arrangements and would never dream of creating a  group of songs in just one genre. “I love to write my own lyrics and of  course write my own melodies and harmonies.” He says, “I am happy with and prefer to write my own material rather than cover someone else’ s”.  After all with such a fuel and drive for creativity to express yourself,  why would you want anything else!.

Major musical influences: Elton John, Billy Joel, Todd Rundgren, Burt Bacharach, and the “Memphis Sound”.

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