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It was the 4th grade when I started playing drums with the School Band. Then came JR High and Concert Band, Marching Band, Dance Band and our 1st Job in our own Band. New Years Eve 1963 at a corner shot and beer bar. High School Band only lasted 2 years, I was too busy working with my own band The Detroit Vibrations. The Vibrations changed their name to become Frijid Pink in 1967, what a year.

In late 1969 House of The Rising Sun hit the air waves and changed my life forever. Touring the US, Canada, and Australia, House was playing on the radio and TV all over the world. Four albums and more than a dozen 45’s and millions of record sales, what a dream, but it wasn’t a dream it was happening. Now it feels like a dream, everything happened so fast.

“Frijid Pink Rock Band in 2017, great guys, great music, it’s a Great Band. Here’s to more music, old fans and new fans, it doesn’t get any better than that.” says Rick Stevers




Rick Stevers – Brent Austin – Rick Houke – Rick Zeithaml – Chuck Mangus

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