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2017 is bringing these 2 pre-teens closer realizing their true potential as artists.  I first came across Faith and Harry several months after they posted on twitter and decided to have a look at what the 2 had to offer as musicians. I believe any time siblings can share their musical talents together in the way Faith and Harry do, says a lot about their upbringing and they will do whatever it takes to get it done right so I have been following them over the past month through social media and they are deserving of everyone’s respect.

I watched with enthusiasm as these 2 travelled to Nashville and waited in anticipation for them to post their daily adventures and shared their excitement through my own social media outlets.

Quotes from Deborah Rowan (DJ)

“The last three months have been crazy for Faith&Harry, demand for them seems to be growing daily. As we promo cities in US, we started meeting fans in Charleston, Nashville last week, were off to LA in a few weeks for meet and greets and performances. 18 months ago after Faith showed me the pop lyrics she was writing I realized that I needed to support her talent.” says Deborah commonly known as (DJ)



“Deborah says after discussing with Harry and showing Harry what his sister was writing he said he was on board to performing other music genres to the classical music the two had been performing since they were both five. My dilemma was how could I take to classical violinists, pianists to be accepted by their already growing fan base.”

The children are currently recording their first album in The Jam Room Studios SC under the direction of their producer Phillip Cope. With his encouragement and patience Faith&Harry are producing some amazing songs. Several written by Faith 12. Their first single will be released in a few weeks. Faith&Harry have developed a great relationship with Phillip their producer spending time with him understanding the process of recording.

“Working with 12&10 year olds in a studio is not easy so I am pleased to see this relationship blossom to one of mutual respect” says Deborah. This process has certainly been one of growth and musical maturing for Faith&Harry. Faith has said that she likes how Phillip treats her as an ‘equal, a music artist not as a kid’.

Last week the duo spent time with vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams who has taught many of the stars from Miley Cyrus to many of the idols. Faith&Harry both enjoyed their time with her they gravitate to the best in the business, absorbing knowledge artists of her caliber share.

Renee remarked during their afternoon with her that both the preteens ‘have the best concentration she’s ever seen in any young artist’. They can’t wait to go back for more vocal work. This week the phenomenal pair flew to Nashville meeting fans and performing there and they’ve. been asked to return soon to perform at a larger venue as soon as it can be arranged.

To finish this busy week Faith&Harry had fun performing at a huge festival for their hometown fans Irmo Strut SC. They went down a storm and have now been asked to perform at the State fair in Columbia SC.


More interesting facts about Faith&Harry from their own Bio

Faith&Harry Rowan are a British-American pre-teen sibling duo, performing multi-genre music to multi-generational audiences. 2016 saw this determined duo wake up Social Media, in just a few weeks their Face Book page had thousands of followers. But they’re not just talented they are also building their own musical careers. The siblings are involved in all decisions affecting their chosen craft. They listen to adult advice then voice their own opinions. Young talent is often shaped and molded by the adults around them, these two are so creative that many of the adults they work with are learning from them.

Faith&Harry from a very early age showed an interest in all things musical. By the time they were both three they were learning the violin, followed by piano and voice at five. Faith quickly outperformed her peers on violin, her love for the violin has not faltered. With meticulous devotion to her studies she has produced widely praised performances. Harry also began his music studies on violin, however his preferred instrument is piano. He has a sensitivity on the keys that imparts emotions to the listener, rare for someone so young.

2016 saw the siblings move from a strictly classical repertoire to include folk/indie songs. With Harry’s accompaniment Faith has been able to take some well loved songs and use her vocal skills to produce some amazing covers, the pair are quite remarkable especially as they are only pre-teens! Faith has also introduced violin solos to many of these songs adding a unique sophistication to their sound.

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