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Faith Head is a Christian Alternative Metal band whose focus is apologetics and other modern issues. Unlike their contemporaries Faith Head does not hide behind a selective use of pronouns to mask the biblical worldview of the lyrics nor use graphic and provocative imagery in a marketing attempt to attract listeners. Faith Head’s job is to praise the name of Jesus Christ through song and word and His job is to do the drawing of listeners

Faith Head consists of four spiritual minded individuals who live for Christ first and foremost in their lives. After many months of prayer and waiting on God’s perfect timing, the final members came together in 2016.

Jason Beavers – Vocals – Born in Dalton Georgia, Jason played and sang in church most of his life. He started playing shows in 1994 with Prazing Hymn, then as guitarist for Masters Machine in 1996-1998. Jason formed Amplified Chaos in 1998 before joining Faith Head in November 2015.

PFunk – Bass – Growing up in church this prodigal son ventured to the limits of God’s amazing grace and mercy. After coming back to the fold and the suicide of a fellow band mate, PFunk swore that he would dedicate his life to using his talents to the Lord exclusively. After many years of waiting and then eventually investing in to other people’s music ministries and the disbanding of Covered Scars, PFunk and Jackie prayed for direction and vision for a new band if it was His will for their lives.

After a couple of years, PFunk was listening to an apologist on the radio and heard these fateful words. “The world thinks we’re all just a bunch of faith heads!” Later that evening after going the Urban Dictionary and some Google Searches, the Holy Spirit starting speaking to him. After sharing His vision for Faith Head with Jack and many months of prayers and patiently waiting, God finally moved all the pieces together for these four individuals to become one unit.

Gabriel Gardner joined Faith Head the Summer of 2016. Having previously played with PFunk and co-writing several songs him in the past, when the drummers spot became vacant, PFunk reached out to Gabriel for the position. After an audition and several jam sessions, Gabriel accepted. His entry in to Faith Head came in to the band at a crucial time of transition and development in the band.

Donny Raines – The last member of Faith Head is guitarist Donny Raines. PFunk picked up the phone and called Donny and introduced him to the music. Feeling the need for a musical outlet and the much needed brotherhood, Donny decided after much prayer and mediation to audition. Following two weeks of practice, Donny learned the entire set. After his first show in October of 2016 Donny made the plunge in to the world of Faith Head.

Currently Faith Head is riding the wave of their debut album available on these media and preparing for Summer festivals and tours. Faith Head is steadily writing their second album. Please pray for the band and each member individually.


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