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Ella Hartt grew up on the prairies with a family who shared a love for music.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Ella has always immersed herself in the performance arts, including singing and dancing.

As an urban cowgirl, she has learned to value aspects of city and country life.While she grew to appreciate all genres of music, the lyrics and melodies of country music spoke specifically to Ella’s heart.

Among others, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson and Shania Twain have remained influential throughout Ella’s life.

Ella’s interest in songwriting began in her early teens and has continued to grow into adulthood as she writes songs independently and with her mother.

Over the past 10 years, she has used songwriting as a creative outlet to share her life experiences.

She seeks to bring people together from all walks of life with her catchy and relatable songs.

Ella Hartt’s debut single, “Where Is That Guy”, was released October 12, 2017.

She describes it as a true reflection of her heart in finding her ‘Prince Charming’.


As she would say, “Who wouldn’t want a guy to take you dancing on Saturday night?”

Ella is currently a member of the Canadian Country Music Association and is a partner in Alta Rose Music, a Canadian based recording label and publishing company.


 “Where Is That Guy?”



Singer and Songwriter
Alta Rose Music
PO Box 88022, Rabbit Hill Post Office
Edmonton, AB T6R 0M5 

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