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Alt Rock / New Age artist Dovile Lee immerses her voice into a stream full of haunting and mystical currents.
Her music has such a powerful and emotional impact on someone’s senses that it makes her unique in the New Age genre.

Release of Dovile Lee’s debut EP ‘My Fairytale’ November 27th

Dovile Lee originally from Lithuania but living in Ennis, Ireland for the last 14 years, married to an Irish man with 3 amazing children. Her love of music started when she was 6 years old playing piano.

Singing harmonies with her mom was her daily routine, her dream was to become a singer that has finally materialised.

Dovile’s career in music started with her teaching piano and by being a Wedding Singer and Pianist for 5 years travelling throughout Ireland.

In January 2017 Dovile started to record her own original material with some lyrics coming from her and some from her husband… Between the two of them they wanted to share their experiences with others in the hope of helping people through a dark time and to understand that they were examples of coming out the other side from depression, addictions, difficult times in their lives and that it is ok to share it with other people.

Dovile wants to give some solace to people who need it by sharing her music.

Dovile has released two singles so far from her debut EP, the title single ‘My Fairytale’ and ‘Dead Man Walking’ to great success.


Everybody is different but I think that the commonality between of all of us is that at different times in life we go through ups and downs. But its part of life, it’s how we deal with it moulds us in to who we are and shapes the way our lives turn out.
All of us need support at times and hopefully through my music and the telling of my own experiences it can inspire even one person to come out the other side of their struggle and maybe smile for even just a moment.

“Not everybody is able to follow their dreams but I can safely say that I am. I’m married to my soulmate with 3 beautiful children, living in the West of Ireland. My dream has always been music, in any shape or form. Starting out on this journey and hopefully I can encourage more to share in my dreams. My music is about real emotions, with real stories behind the lyrics.
I hope my songs connect with you and you can relate even in a small way with them.” Dovile Lee

Mobile; 0857588950
Email ; dovile@dovileleemusic.com

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