Donny Lee

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Donny Lee is a country music artist, he writes songs, sings, plays guitar and entertains crowds performing country music for country music fans in Nashville Tennessee and at home in Alberta Canada.

‘Down to Earth good guy that knows no stranger’ describes Donny Lee perfectly- “Singing country music for as long as I can remember, as a young performer I discovered my natural talent of connecting with people while entertaining and singing country music in my parents band.” says Donny


Donny is happy to follow his passion and continue to entertain country music fans today. He recently recorded his own album of 10 songs, including 7 originals.

In 2017 Donny released ‘Country Way Of Life’ and ‘That Would Be Me’ to Canadian Country Radio. He is also working with Ole Music Publishing and will be releasing some great material in 2018 while currently playing country music in the Honkytonks of Nashville.

Photo by Barbara Potter

It is his mission to ensure country music fans have the best experience possible and hopes to one day to share his love of country music to larger audiences.

“I’ve heard many times from people “we came to check out the band and to have a drink but ended up staying for the whole 4 hour show” That’s music to my ears.” says Donny

“If I can create a memorable experience for people then I have succeeded at my job.

I am proud to be recognized as an Official Nominee for Male Artist of The Year 2017 with the Association of Country Music Alberta.

I am looking forward to my future in Canadian Country music.” says Donny


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