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Dan is an Indie Singer Songwriter from London in the UK, who plays guitar left handed on a guitar strung for a person that’s right handed.

He is better known as a recording musician rather than a LIVE performer although he has played in bands in the past.

“I’ve written songs and recorded music for well over 25 years but always come up a bit shy when promoting myself. However I am trying to change that now with the release of my third album this coming January. It’s called “Colliding Planets” and I’ve spent a year writing it and recording it at home. I play everything myself (except drums – my neighbours would never allow me to have a drum kit!) and sing all the vocals and I’m extremely proud of it.” says Dan

His debut album is called “Let The Sun Shine In” (which you can buy on CDBaby). He decided to do what McCartney did in 1970 on his self titled album and play everything himself. “I even made the tea in between recording sessions (again, for myself).” says Dan

Dan’s follow up EP was called “Delusions”, an epic 12 minute piece in 6 parts.

Weaving between classical guitar and full on rock with some sound effects thrown in for good measure, “Delusions” sounds and feels like a mini rock opera.

Following this came a single “She Dumped Me By Text And Put It On Facebook”.

You can almost smell the 60’s innocence in this song.

His second album “Time For A Change” was released on Dec 4th 2015.

This brought an end to a busy year of musical output!


“I’m just putting the finishing touches to my third album “Colliding Planets”, which is planned for release in January 2018″says Dan

Dan’s main influences are The Beatles having grown up with their sound. He also loves Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan and Amy Winehouse. Fave guitarists are Keith Richards (Keef), Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and George Harrison (The Fabs).

Dan’s favourite drummers apart from Ringo (obvs) is Neil Peart (Rush) & Taylor Hawkins (Foos). How do those guys do that?

Fave bass players are Geddy Lee (Rush) and Chris Squire (Yes).

You can learn more about Dan by following these links:

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