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Raised in San Jose, California, Conroe’s dreams always involved the arts. At the age of 18, he sang in the R&B group Special Generation (the brainchild of MC Hammer). And at the age of 21, he relocated to Los Angeles where his first audition landed him the role of Sam Cooke in “Little Richard,” whose director Robert Townsend said to him: “I hired you because you had the spark in your eye.”

Little did he know that spark would one day inspire so many. From there, Conroe went on to star in the Showtime movie “2G’s & a Key” before working with the legendary director Garry Marshall in developing “Happy Days” the musical and ultimately landing roles in such television shows as “Heroes,” “24,” “FlashForward,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Unit,” “Will & Grace,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Graceland,” and “Growing Up Fisher.” As an all around content creator, Conroe has produced/directed 5 episodes of Bus Stop Monolougues, various music videos and short films.

He has recently returned to his singing roots creating a cappella covers as well as writing original music.
Additionally, Conroe is the co-Founder of the biggest flash mob company in the world, Conroe utilized his passion for performing to create joy through surprise, ultimately empowering others to do their part and a cause very close to his heart – giving back to the community.

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