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AJ Steel is a Melbourne singer/songwriter who writes introspective songs for stranded dreamers.  He has just released his 4th single, a story of digging in to save a relationship called, Love You When It’s Bad.

His songs have been added to satellite radio with over 3 million listeners, been used in independent films out of LA and he has received national airplay on commercial radio in Australia, along with numerous internet radio stations worldwide.

Sounds like Richard Ashcroft and David Gray merged into one person and stole U2 from Bono.

A.J. Steel’s music has been played on radio in New York, the U.K. and he’s performed a small show in New York City.

A.J. Steel first single, “Slow Down”, which is off his debut EP, “Satellites and Cars” received Airplay on Triple M(Nationwide) and Fox FM Nationwide and also featured a live to air interview on the FOX FM Australian Made show.

Utilizing more synthesizers in his songs and recently introducing live drums has given rise to a new sound, new inspiration and a new beginning for A.J. Steel. His sound is unmistakably his own. He’s a multi instrumentalist and as you listen to these songs you realize how different he is from the current musical landscape, but how refreshing it is to find.

AJ Steel is continuing to write, record and release. Looking for that elusive career defining song which could be just around the corner.



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